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What is HSE Online Library?

What is it?​

The HSE Online library is an online knowledge sharing resource that allows you to quickly get information concerning a certain subject drawing from a library of videos, presentations, LTI pack, safety alerts, best practices and finally some general items. The real benefit is that it will search all these resources and return you results providing a large amount of communicational material.

How do i use it?

Using the online library is very simple, and you have three different methods of doing so:

1. Specific Item

If you are looking for a specific item, then the simplest route is to click on the icon that covers what your looking for (e.g. videos) and then look through the index for the particular video you are looking for.

2. Simple Search

The second method is to enter a word or words that you believe best describes what you are looking for, you can enter this in the search box provided in the online library home page. This will allow you to search the entire library for what you are looking for.

3. Advanced Search

The third and most powerful method is to use the advanced search page. This allows you to fine tune your search criteria in order to get as close to the specific item you require as quickly as possible.

Where do i get what i find?

Presently all presentations and LTI packs are available for download. To get videos, click here for the contact information.​​​​