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Three categories of vibration present health risks:

  • Holding vibrating tools. Prolonged exposure of the hands to vibration may result in a condition known as Raynaud’s Syndrome (commonly referred to as "vibration white fingers").
  • Whole body vibration. Prolonged exposure of the body to vibration may result in musculoskeletal disorders, in particular to the spine.
  • Standing, sitting or lying on a vibrating surface (e.g. during travel). The effect of this low frequency vibration is well known as travel or motion sickness.

Any activity suspected of placing personnel at a health risk due to vibrations shall be referred to a qualified Occupational Health Adviser for assessment. Such assessment shall be performed against the requirements of the Shell Safety and Health Committee's "Noise Guide" (HSE 053), and the most current ver​sion of the ACGIH TLV Guidelines ​​​​​