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Safety Performance - YTD

Last Updated On : Year
PDO/Contractor fatality from work related incident
Third Party fatality from work related incident
Reportable, non recordable work related incident
PDO/Contractor non work related private commuting
LTI injuries
Worksite lost time injuries
Road traffic lost time injuries
No of people injured (excluding FAC)
Motor Vehicle Incidents (MVI)
Severe MVI (LTIs, MTC, RWC and rollovers)
Minor MVI (first aid, damage)
Rollover MVI
Tier 1 Process Safety Incidents
Tier 2 Process Safety Incidents (On-Plot )
Incident Rates
LTIF (per million manhours)
TRCF (total injuries per million manhours)
MVIR (motor vehicle incident rate per million km)
Severe MVIR (LTI, rollover, MTC,RWC)
Minor MVIR (first aid, damage only)
Million man-hours worked
Million km driven
Data on Threshold Data below Threshold