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 Important Notices

Important Notice 1: Important Notice
Important Notice 2: Extensions allowed to DD permits of up to 3 months
Important Notice 3: Important Notice
Important Notice 4: Changes to Contractor
Important Notice 5: DD Training During Ramadhan
Important Notice 6: NEW DD06 Contractor from 3rd October
Important Notice 7: Validity of PDO Driving Permits 2009
Important Notice 8: Direct Defensive Driving competence assessment for New Hire PDO Staff

NEW! Defensive Driving Frequently asked Questions!
Training Providers: These are Q and As relating to queries raised about a range of policy matters that have been raised relating to the present DD programs, permits etc. Useful to all TPs as well as clients. We will update as time goes on with additional queries that affcet policy.

Note that a Heavy Vehicle Driver who has passed the Heavy Vehicle Defensive Driving Course (DD-02) is also permitted to drive Light Vehicles (provided he has a valid ROP licence for Light Vehicles). i.e., it is NOT necessary to also pass the Light Vehicle DD-01 Course.


All drivers of PDO and Contractor vehicles are required to undergo the DDC training course(s) in order to obtain a PDO Driving Permit.

Road Safety Specifications

Click here for SP-2000 (HSE Specification - Road Safety Standard) that defines the Driving Courses and PDO Driving Permit requirements.

Click here for SP-1157 (HSE Specification - HSE Training) that defines the PDO HSE Training requirements.

Below you can find the following details:

Detailed specification of each course
The booking procedure
Location Maps
The price list for each course
The schedule when the courses are provided

Specification for each of the DDC courses
DD-01 Blacktop Light Vehicle Drivers
DD-05 Bus L & H Drivers
DD-02 Blacktop Heavy Vehicle Drivers
DD-06 Annual Assessment L & H Drivers
DD-03 Graded Roads L & H Drivers
DD-07 For Family Drivers
DD-04 Bulk Tanker L & H Drivers
LX-970 Safe Journey Management

How do I book a course?

Download the forms from below and fax or E-mail it to TATI for all Training except DDC06 or book online at their website. Fax or email to SDI Sheida for DDC06:-

Book training here for new driving permits, expired permits, graded, bus, tanker or family courses
Book here for refresher driver training if you have a current valid driving permit (contractor staff)
Book here for refresher driver training if you have a current valid driving permit (PDO staff)
Book here for Safe Journey Management training

Details for TATI: Details for Defensive Driving Assessment Team (DDAT):
Map to TATI Map to SDI Sheida

Phone: 24697023, 24697024
Fax: 24601095

Muscat Seventh St Qurum (behind The Sultan Centre)
Fax for ALL nominations: 95660033, 95660044, 96660077
Fahud DDAT Office
PDO Learning and Development Centre
Fax: 24384730
Nimr DDAT Office
PDO HSE Training Centre
Fax: 24382131
PDO Nomination Help Desk:
Contractor Nomination Help Desk:
Web Link:
Phone Nos: +968 9730 6011, +968 9730 6012 & +968 9730 6014 Fax No: +968 95660077

How much does it cost?

Table specifying the cost for each course
Re-certification Payment terms

When can I go?

To see the latest course calendars please click on the refresh button on the internet page in the top tool bar and/or clear out your browsers Temporary internet files and try again


Training Schedule :

DD Training schedules TATI
  DD Training schedules Sheida