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Summer Campaign


The hot weather during summer poses a great challenge to our daily activities and personal health, this page is intended to keep you up to date with the latest tips and information to help you staying safe during the summer heat.​

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Manpower Summer Policy

Ministerial decision No.(286/2008) on the occupational health and safety regulation at the establishments subject to the Omani labor law, has been issued. Among the topics included in this regulation was the requirements relating to workplaces. Article (16), clause (3) of this regulation stipulates that: (Workers must not be employed at construction sites, or open areas with high temperatures during noon times, from 12:30 to 3:30 pm during the Months of June, July and August every year.

Ministerial decision No.(322/2011) was also issued to amend ministerial decision No.(286/2008), by adding a new paragraph to clause (3) which reads as follows:

"The minister, or the one he authorizes, may exempt from the aforementioned any establishment based on a request from the establishment, which provides necessary public services, according to the following controls:

  • Provide cold drinking water, proportionate to the number of workers.
  • Set up a rest area near the worksite (open areas), which must be closed from the four sides, furnished and air-conditioned and adequate for the number of workers employed.
  • Provide water for washing and other purposes and ensure that the water tanks used are covered by a layer which helps keep the water cool.
  • Avail an air-conditioned bus near the worksite.
  • Any other requirements which may be added by the Ministry.
Summer Campaign

It is now summer and the ambient temperatures have increased quickly and dramatically. If we do not prepare ourselves then we put ourselves at risk, so let us be prepared and take the necessary precautions. In below link, we have listed few awareness tips on how to stay safe during the hot summer months.


At PDO we take the duty of care responsibilities to our staff and contractors and the safeguarding of our business operations as a top priority. With the ongoing outbreak and spread of Novel Coronavirus COVID-19, website(links mentioned below) has been developed to consolidate all essential information about the virus to help protect you and your families and to explain how the Company is responding.

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