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Summer Campaign


Workers in the oil and gas industry face a range of hazards including working in hot weather. The risks increase significantly during the summer months, that begin in May with raised temperatures lasting until the end of August.​

The Ministry of Labor issued a Ministerial Decision subject to the Omani Labor Law to secure the working environment and shield workers from heat-related risks during the summer season due to the intense high temperatures

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Manpower Summer Policy

Ministerial decision No.(286/2008) on the occupational health and safety regulation at the establishments subject to the Omani labor law, has been issued. Among the topics included in this regulation was the requirements relating to workplaces. Article (16), clause (3) of this regulation stipulates that: (Workers must not be employed at construction sites, or open areas with high temperatures during noon times, from 12:30 to 3:30 pm during the Months of June, July and August every year.

Ministerial decision No.(322/2011) was also issued to amend ministerial decision No.(286/2008), by adding a new paragraph to clause (3) which reads as follows:

"The minister, or the one he authorizes, may exempt from the aforementioned any establishment based on a request from the establishment, which provides necessary public services, according to the following controls:

  • Provide cold drinking water, proportionate to the number of workers.
  • Set up a rest area near the worksite (open areas), which must be closed from the four sides, furnished and air-conditioned and adequate for the number of workers employed.
  • Provide water for washing and other purposes and ensure that the water tanks used are covered by a layer which helps keep the water cool.
  • Avail an air-conditioned bus near the worksite.
  • Any other requirements which may be added by the Ministry.
Summer Waiver Applications

For situations where both PDO and the contractors hold the opinion that the activities cannot be stopped during the mandatory rest hours for operational purposes then please ensure that the contractor management has appropriately completed and submitted the waiver form to the Ministry of Labor, that they have received formal approval from the Ministry, have provided you with a copy for your file and have proven their capabilities and plans to implement the additional controls as cited in the approval before the waiver becomes effective on the 1st June 2024.

To access the forms, please use the following two links:
PDO Summer Campaign

The issue of heat stress is a real concern for our community. Temperatures between May and September can soar as high as 50˚c making heat related illness such as heat exhaustion, heat stress and heat stroke, a very serious concern.

In order to prevent unnecessary illness or even death from heat stress, PDO encourages the intensification of inspections as well as campaigns to increase awareness of the severity of the issue.

Below are links to guidelines and tools to support a safer working environment during summer months.