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Welcome to the “Engage for Excellence” webpage developed to enhance the culture of engagement and continuous improvement through active listening. Engagement supports the safety performance by regularly involving staff in health and safety concerns, seeking feedback, continuous improvement, and better decision making that result in fewer workplace incidents.

This page is a platform for PDO and the contractor community to highlight the safety reality concerns as well as share content, guidelines for engagement, coaching resources, and tools to measure engagement progress and effectiveness.

Furthermore, the page highlights the existing reporting tools, to encourage your teams and crew to support improving the safety performance.

  • Near miss reporting tool
  • Ihtimam behavioral observation tool
  • PIM incident reporting tool
  • 4CAAP intervention tool

In addition, we would like to remind you all that every individual has the power to intervene and stop unsafe jobs through the use of these safety programmes and initiatives.

Steve Phimister               
Managing Director (MD)

Materials​​ ​ ​ ​
Engage for Excellence Pack:
The following pack is designed to engage our PDO & Contractor community on current safety concerns and to guide them on how to conduct effective safety engagements.

Mr. Musleh Learning from Incidents Pack:
Mr. Musleh’s Learning from Incidents newsletter highlights the learnings from incidents in PDO and covers LTIs and High potential incidents. In addition, it groups the incidents into different themes for the benefit of discussion.

Engagement Reflections Tool:
This tool is to capture PDO and Contractor community engagement reflections and feedback while conducting their safety engagements.
Engagement Progress Dashboard:
This dashboard is to help measure the progress of each directorates engagements.

Incident Reporting Tools:
The following reporting tools are resources to intervene and report unsafe workplace behaviour.
Engagement Guide video:

View Online: (PDO TV & Youtube)

PDO Tube You Tube