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2024 First Alert Awareness alert LTI#06 Fatality#01 Prime Mover Help fatal Injury
At approximately  18:50 hrs on 31st of March 2024, a Rig was in the process of moving to its next location. In order to offload the diesel tank at the new location, a Rig Move Helper attached wire-rope slings on the trailer lifting lugs to suspend from the crane for uncoupling the Prime Mover.  After the Helper disengaged the lock of the fifth wheel, he gave a signal to the Prime Mover driver to move forward. When the Prime Mover moved, the load came off the fifth wheel, jerked and fatally struck the Helper’s head.
His body position reaching under the load, when pulling the fifth wheel release arm, placed him in the ‘line of fire’. A crane was used to suspend the diesel tank load instead of using the correct method of utilising the load’s hydraulic jack supports, creating an unsecured load. Key personnel required to safely operate the hydraulic jack support were not available at the time. There was no Supervisor at the incident location due to an unforeseen change in work plans.

Category:LFI Awareness AlertsDocument Type:Safety