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The Hazards and Risks in the Oil and Gas industry generally include loss of process containment (LoPC) with potential fires and explosions, resulting in serious damage to assets and reputation and sometimes loss of life.

Investigating incidents helps to improve the organization, systems and procedures. While the incident itself can be considered a lagging indicator, improving the organization, systems and procedures can help prevent future incidents.

Within PDO, incident investigation is performed using PR-1418 and incident classification is performed using API-754. Incidents are classified as Tier 1, Tier 2, LoPC or High Potentials (HiPo).

Incident investigation is vital for PDO for the learning mindset and the PDO ambition of Goal Zero: No Harm, No Leaks. This can only be achieved in collaboration with all disciplines, both within PDO and Contractors, from top management to every employee on the work floor.