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The 12 Life Saving Rules


PDO’s 12 Life Saving Rules are the next step in our Goal Zero Journey. These rules have been selected because they represent those activities where non-compliance has the highest likelihood to result in death or serious injury, the Life Saving Rules apply to everyone and all operations under PDO’s operational control. Most people comply with them every day – but there are still breaches taking place.

The Life Saving Rules set out clear and simple “dos” and “don’ts” covering activities with the highest potential safety risk. They help to make sure that rules are followed and people are protected. We are determined to save lives.


That everyone in the organization (PDO and Contractors) understands and complies the Life Saving Rules.


There are serious consequences associated with breaking a Life Saving Rule.

  • Reported non-compliance with one of these Rules will be thoroughly investigated
  • If a rule-breaker is aware of the Life Saving Rule or required procedure through training, experience or communication, and did not comply, the maximum appropriate disciplinary action will be applied: up to and including termination of employment for PDO employees; or removal from site and disqualification from future PDO work for employees of contractors or sub-contractors.
  • If a supervisor sets the conditions for rule-breaking, or fails to follow through if one is broken, maximum appropriate disciplinary action will apply.
  • Here is the link to the LSR management section of HSE MS http://pdointernet/hsepoc/pages/default.aspx?RefID=ED24
  • The Peer to peer / Non per to peer intervention here http://pdointernet/hsepoc/pages/default.aspx?RefID=ED24F
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