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Public Health (PH)

Public Health officer (MCPH) is a professionals dedicated in preventing disease, prolonging life, and promoting physical health and mental health and efficiency through organized community efforts toward a sanitary environment; the control of community infections by providing health services to individuals and/or by conducting research, investigations, examinations, training, and demonstrations.

PH focuses on the entire spectrum of health and wellbeing, not only the eradication of particular diseases. Many activities are targeted at populations such as health campaigns. Public health services also include the provision of personal services to individual persons, such as vaccinations, behavioural counselling, or health advice.”

PDO has two public health officers and they are located in interior (North and South).

Organizations have turned to the PH for assistance with projects such as:

  • Setting, measuring, and achieving health improvement objectives and performance standards.
  • Designing tools and publications to help put science into practice.
  • Tracking and planning Healthy People and other public health initiatives.
  • Gathering and analyzing information about public health infrastructure.
  • Designing training programs and work force development strategies.​