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Occupational Illnesses And Non Accidental Deaths Reporting And Investigation

PDO and contractors have a responsibility to report and investigate occupational illnesses and Non Accidental Deaths (NAD) and maintain records.

Occupational Illnesses Investigations

All illnesses caused by work related activities shall be investigated by line management as per PR-1418. Examples include repetitive strain illnesses (RSI), heat stress, noise induced hearing loss, adverse effects from chemical exposures, food poisoning and stress. ​​​​​​​

OH-illness diagnosis for GPs.pptx
Non Accidental Deaths (NADs)​

Non-accidental death cases are investigated by the line and reported in accordance with PDO HSE Investigation and reporting procedures (PR-1418). The objective of this investigation is to ascertain whether the cause of death relates to systems and conditions which are managed by the Company and may provide grounds for corrective action.​​

Non-Accidental Death Reporting Template
Presentation on Non Accidental Deaths in TDC.pptx