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SP 1231- HFE principles shall start to be considered and applied during the SELECT phase of all projects where design can have a critical impact on equipment usability and user safety and health. HFE shall be applied in the follo​wing projects:
  • New plants/facilities
  • Revamp of existing plant/facility (unless there is no change to the work system)
  • Buildings and workstations design (e.g. central control rooms, offices, workshops and laboratories)
  • IT software/hardware, instrumentation
Project Manager shall be Accountable for the following requirements:
  • Perform an HFE screening for each new project to determine whether a formal HFE Strategy is needed to support Project decisions. Consult with the Authorized Subject Matter Expert in Human Factors Engineering on the outcome of the HFE Screening.
  • Produce a Project HFE Strategy if the HFE screening results show that a strategy is needed. Incorporate the Project HFE Strategy into the Basis for Design, or into the contractual requirements for front-end engineering (FEED) or detailed design.
  • Integrate the Project HFE Strategy into project decisions and planning.
  • Incorporate relevant results of the implementation of the Project HFE Strategy into the documented demonstration of ALARP.
  • The HFE Technical Authority (TA) shall be responsible for approval of the Project HFE Strategy.​​
HFE Deliverables
Valve Criticality Template
HFE Screening Tool
Task Requirements Analysis Tool
Control Room Checklist
PSUA HFE Checklist
HFE Report Templates
DEP30 00 60 21 TEMPLATE
Name Ref Indicator Job Title Office Room No Office Tel Location
Alcock Jane CHS HSE & SD MANAGER BABC-FF +968 24677335 Coastal Area
Aamri, Thuraiya MSE45X DEVELOPMENT TECHNICAL SAFETY ENGINEER BSM +968 24679690 Coastal Area
STCDESK56 +968 24679774 Coastal Area
Ahuja, Anil OSE1SM Technical Safety Engineer BMFFED73 +968 24676820 Coastal Area
Al Tawqi, Sultan MSE43 Technical Safety Engineer TAYF +968 24676786 Coastal Area
BSM SE +968 24678924 Coastal Area
Bose, Rajib MSE44 FIRE SAFETY LEAD BSM SD0142 +968 24670296 Coastal Area
Daodu, Olufemi CHSG3 Technical Safety Engineer BABC-GF097 +968 24672014 Coastal Area
Epari, Sagar UEP13H Technical Safety Engineer FD5G2 +968 24673944 Coastal Area
Gundersen Chris UEP1H SENIOR HSE ENGINEER FDC4FD6R2 +968 24671465 Coastal Area
Hassan, Mourad Maged ONE619U Technical Safety Engineer BMFSCD050 +968 24674980 Coastal Area
Ho, Wan Jye MSE47 Technical Safety Engineer BSM +968 24677611 Coastal Area
Hume, Andrew OSE1SB Technical Safety Engineer BMFFBD038 +968 24675791 Coastal Area
Khosravi, Hamid UEP11H Senior Tech Safety Engineer FEED Cabin No. 5 +968 24 674939 Coastal Area
Koon, Chian Huey MSE41 Technical Safety Engineer BSMD138 +968 24672262 Coastal Area
Mishra, Santosh UEP16H Senior Technical Safety Engineer N/A +968 24672978 Coastal Area
Radhakrishnan, Anoop MSE41 Technical Safety Engineer BSMSD0145 +968 24673261 Coastal Area
Riyami, Ruwaa UEP1XH Technical Safety Engineer FDC4CAB IN6 +968 24672486 Coastal Area
Sagar , Patil UEP19H Technical Safety Engineer FEED Office FD6F4 +968 24676803 Coastal Area
Salter, Elizabeth CHSG2 SENIOR TECHNICAL SAFETY ENGINEER BABC-GF-D +968 24672269 Coastal Area
Sandha, Karunakar UEP18H TECHNICAL SAFETY ENGINEER FDC4 +968 24677273 Coastal Area
Smith, Jeremy UEP15H SENIOR TECHNICAL SAFETY ENGINEER N/A +968 24676062 Coastal Area
Vijayvargiya , Aman Kumar UEP19H N/A N/A N/A Coastal Area
Tallentire, Lesley MSE47 SOUR/ STEAM/CHEM TSE LEAD BSMS-D126 +968 24370445 Coastal Area
Sheikh, Ammar MSE45X Development Technical Safety Engineer BABAGFD92 +968 24677579 Coastal Area
Balakrishnan, Murugan MSE42 Development Technical Safety Engineer BABAGFD92 N/A Coastal Area
Rana, Prakashchandra UEP12H Technical Safety Engineer N/A +968 24676157 Coastal Area
Intven, Johannes MSE42 Technical Safety Engineer BSMSD0134 +968 24678733 Coastal Area
Ahluwalia, Atul Shrikrishan GGE15 Senior Technical Safety Engineer BMFGGE +968 24677982 Coastal Area
Mangkusasono, Henry MSE42 Technical Safety Engineer BSM +968 24678624 Coastal Area
Lubbe, Heinrich MSE42 Technical Safety Engineer BSMSD0133 +968 24672926 Coastal Area
Damuderan, Mohan MSE43 TSE Lead Gas/PEM/QRA BABAGFD92 +968 24677371 Coastal Area
Shuaibi, Ahoud MSE45X Development Technical Safety Engineer BSMS-D154 79691 Coastal Area
Rashdi, Abeer MSE45X Development Technical Safety Engineer BSMD150 24676783 Coastal Area
Naamani, Ali MSE45 Development Technical Safety Engineer BMFFGD008 76733 Coastal Area
Abu Bakar, Abdul Razak MSE41 Technical Safety Engineer BSMBLK E 24672062 Coastal Area
Lanke, Vijaya Kumar MSE42 TSE Lead South/PSUA/VAR BSM 72133 Coastal Area
Harthy, Asma MSE45X Development Technical Safety Engineer BSMD0149 24677583 Coastal Area
Busaidi, Rahma MSE45 Development Technical Safety Engineer BSMD0147 71027 Coastal Area
Siddiqi, Saqib GGE16 Senior Technical Safety Engineer BMFGE-066 24678737 Coastal Area
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Paul Lawrence Risktec Solutions
Derek Porter Risktec Solutions
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