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Head of Department Message

‚ÄčThe Operational safety department (MSE 1) consists of three main sections:

Behavioral Based Safety (MSE11), HSE in contract (MSE12) and Worksite Hazard Management (MSE13).

MSE11 are responsible for the hearts & minds of PDO & its contractors through implementation of Behavior Based Safety (BBS). BBS is the application of science of behavior changes to work related safety issues. In short we focus on the behaviors that impact the business, find out why people are behaving the way they do, and introduce measures to positively eliminate the unsafe behavior, thus reducing the number of incidents.

PDO has a discipline of managing HSE across 7even phases, commencing with Planning and ending in a formal close out. There are critical steps to be taken by competent personnel to ensure HSE is embedded in all contracts. MSE12 provides advice on Contract risk and management mode, the HSE evaluation of tenderers and the minimum HSE requirements for a contract against a specific scope. It also provides HSE training and assessment support for all staff particularly those responsible for managing HSE in contracts

PDO operates a business which demonstrates that all health, safety and environmental risks associated with the hazards in the worksite are managed to As Low As Reasonably Practicable (ALARP). MSE 13 provides advice and defines the set of HSE tools and programmes (i.e. Safety Leadership for Frontline Supervisors, Line of Defense) to effectively introduce and implement the controls identified for mitigation of worksite hazards in PDO and Contractor. Monitors the implementation of the programs (i.e. Life Saving Rules, Near miss reporting tool) rolled-out and conduct formal assurance to determine if the control tools identified are being used as intended and deriving the results as projected. Acts as Contract holder for Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) supplies across PDO.

The overall arching pillar to ensure safe operations is the competence of our staff, both professional HSE and non-professional HSE staff. MSE14 provides the HSE competence framework that governance essential HSE competence elements across the organization and support embedment of required safety skills through structured mentoring and coaching programme.