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HSE management of contracts is a key area of our business considering that >90* of our activities are managed for us by contractors. In the same vein the contractors present the largest risk in terms of lost time due to injuries, asset damage, environmental loss and our own industry reputation. It is imperative that Company has a robust mature HSE management system which includes engaging competent contractors at the early stage of a contract as well as a consistent monitoring of their performance.

As part of the Company Assurance system the HSE in Contracts team provide 3 main services to the business:

HSE Competence support to the contract staff particularly Contract Holder (CH) and Company Site Representatives (CSR). The team assist the line in the assessment of individuals as well as provide training and coaching in this regard.

HSE Technical Evaluation (Banding). The Company has an industry best practice model for the HSE technical evaluation of all tenderers and this is aligned with our stakeholder expectations.

Letter of Assurance (LoA): once a contractor is successful in winning a contract with Company we insist on an annual assurance statement from our contractors. A select percentage of the contractors will be included in a physical audit as part of the programme.