Safety shoes for normal activities (Type A)
ASTM F2413-05,
Conforms, ms to AS/Nzs 2210.3 safety ( Style 34-652)
Sizes:  5US-14US


Shoes, Oliver Size 36, 4UK, 5 US SAP:1001345781

Shoes, Oliver Size 38, 5UK, 6 US SAP:1001307535

Shoes, Oliver Size 39,6UK, 7 US SAP: 1001307539

Shoes, Oliver Size 40, 6.5UK, 7.5 US SAP: 1001307540

Shoes, Oliver Size 41, 7UK, 8 US SAP: 1001307541

Shoes, Oliver Size 41.5 ,7.5UK, 8.5 US SAP: 1001307542

Shoes, Oliver Size 42, 8UK, 9 US SAP: 1001307543

Shoes, Oliver Size 42.5, 8.5UK, 9.5 US SAP: 1001307544

Shoes, Oliver Size 43, 9UK, 10 US SAP: 1001307545

Shoes, Oliver Size 43.5, 9.5UK, 10.5 US SAP: 1001307546

Shoes, Oliver Size 44, 10UK, 11 US SAP: 1001307547

Shoes, Oliver Size 45, 10.5UK, 11.5 US SAP: 1001307548

Shoes, Oliver Size 46, 11UK, 12 US SAP: 1001307549

Shoes, Oliver Size 47, 12UK, 13 US SAP: 1001307550

Shoes, Oliver Size 48, 13UK, 14 US SAP: 1001307551

Safety shoes for rigs and wells activities (Type B)



  • Honeywell BACOU TYLEX High Ankle Rigger Boots S3 SRC
  • Oiled full grain leather upper. PU2D outsole injected. SRC certified. 200J Spacium™
  • Toe cap in injected polymer. Stainless steel anti-puncture sole. Complies with EN ISO
  • EN ISO 20345:2011 standard
  • Sizes: EU: 35 - 49 / UK: 3 - 13,5
  • Part no : 6246120 (100% non Metallic)

High Ankle Rigger Boots Size35 EU SAP:1001346677

High Ankle Rigger Boots Size36 EU SAP:1001346678

High Ankle Rigger Boots Size37 EU SAP:1001346679

High Ankle Rigger Boots Size38 EU SAP:1001346680

High Ankle Rigger Boots Size39 EU SAP:1001346681

High Ankle Rigger Boots Size40 EU SAP:1001346682

High Ankle Rigger Boots Size41 EU SAP:1001346683

High Ankle Rigger Boots Size42 EU SAP:1001346684

High Ankle Rigger Boots Size43 EU SAP:1001346685

High Ankle Rigger Boots Size44 EU SAP:1001346686

High Ankle Rigger Boots Size45 EU SAP:1001346687

High Ankle Rigger Boots Size46 EU SAP:1001346688

High Ankle Rigger Boots Size47 EU SAP:1001346689

High Ankle Rigger Boots Size48 EU SAP:1001346690

High Ankle Rigger Boots Size49 EU SAP:1001346691

Safety shoes with ankle protection for construction  activities (Type C)



  • Honeywell BACOU PEAK AMG S3 CI SRC
  • Safety shoes with ankle protection for construction activities (Type C)
  • Water resistant oiled leather & textile panels ankle boot. PU2D outsole injected. SRC certified. 200J Spacium™ toe cap in injected polymer. Flexium™ anti-puncture sole.
  • Complies with EN ISO 20345:2011 standard.
  • Sizes: EU: 35 - 49 / UK: 3 - 13,5
  • Part no : 6246157 (100% non Metallic)


Shoes construction activities size35 EU SAP:1001346692

Shoes construction activities size36 EU SAP:1001346693

Shoes construction activities size37 EU SAP:1001346694

Shoes construction activities size38 EU SAP:1001346695

Shoes construction activities size39 EU SAP:1001346696

Shoes construction activities size40 EU SAP:1001346697

Shoes construction activities size41 EU SAP:1001346698

Shoes construction activities size42 EU SAP:1001346699

Shoes construction activities size43 EU SAP:1001346700

Shoes construction activities size44 EU SAP: 1001346701

Shoes construction activities size45 EU SAP: 1001346702

Shoes construction activities size46 EU SAP: 1001346703

Shoes construction activities size47 EU SAP: 1001346704

Shoes construction activities size48 EU SAP: 1001346705

Shoes construction activities size49 EU SAP: 1001346706


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