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Lot 1: Earplug
SAP Sizes
1001518408 Box of 150

Eurotechnique Style 30206 Corded Ear Plugs

Make Coverguard Euro Protection, France
Style 30206
Full Specification
EARLINE ear plugs in polyurethane foam with rope.
  • Polyurethane foam earplugs
  • Conical shape
  • Connected by a blue cord
  • Adaptation to the shape of the ear canal
  • Practical thanks to the cord
  • Washable
  • >SNR 36 dB
Lot 1: Earmuff attached to Helmet
SAP Sizes

JSP Style AEK020-005-400 Inter Ex Helmet Mounted Ear Defenders

Make JSP, Great Britain
Style AEK020-005
Full Specification
Easy to attach and detach with spring loaded arms that give an excellent fit to the ear. The steel arms maintain a constant and even pressure, whether in hot or cold conditions, no matter how long user wears the cups Single Number Rating (SNR): 28dB
  • Fits the complete range of JSP Safety Helmets
  • Tilt and adjust the position of the cup for optimum comfort and fit.
  • Large cups to provide protection for high levels of noise.
  • Thick, wide and soft cushions provide comfort for prolonged use.
For any inquiry and/or comment, please contact the following Contract Holders:
Yahyai, Haitham MSE13

+968 246 77918

Khamis Zarai (MSE13) PPE CSR

+968 246 78625