Disposable Hearing Protection Plugs
SAP: 1001346572
Disposable Hearing Protection Plugs
  • Model lime, 300 pairs
  • UVEX
  • Loose in the refill box,SNR37, H=36, M=34, L=34
  • EN 352-2

Cap Mount Ear Muffs HM -2093 with 25 NRR


SAP: 1001345776

  • Hard hat slot opening is 29mm to 33mm.
  • Lightweight construction weighing 8.1 ounces.
  • Testing was performaned at an independent and certified laboratory, NVLAP # 0427.
  • Construction is Dielectric, certified by independent testing.
  • There are 2 Rest positions: Flip Out muffs for short term break or Flip Up on top of safety cap.
  • Arm assembly with universal blade mounts to most slotted safety caps.
  • Blade is an integrated part of the muff arm assembly and there are no sepatate parts to purchase. Slot filler included.

Elvex unifit foam Ear Plug, (UnCorded) - EP-101 (Box of 200 pairs)

SAP: 1001345777


  • Elvex Uni-Fit foam ear plugs are easy to insert correctly due to their tapered shape and slow expansion rate.
  • The smooth surface and low pressure foam provide the most comfortable fitting foam ear plugs on the market.
  • One size fits all.  The dimensions of Elvex Uni-Fit allow virtually every ear canal to be correctly fitted.


  • Elvex Uni-Fit has a Noise Reduction Rating of 32 dB. Tested to ANSI S3.19-1974 at an independent and certified laboratory.
  • Uni-Fit is also CE certified and tested to EN-352 by INSPEC Laboratories in UK.  Single Number Rating (SNR) is 37 dB.



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