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PDO generates large volumes of hazardous and non-hazardous waste streams due to the size and complexity of PDO’s operations. The Waste Management team is continuously working with government and private entities to improve waste management in PDO and the country and to use the resources efficiently by encouraging circular economy. Additionally, the team is cooperating with international organizations, such as untied Nation Environment Program (UNEP), in waste management and green economy opportunities.

In the past few years, PDO has signed contracts with several recycling facilities to recycle wood waste, plastic waste, paper, lead battery. Furthermore, MSE21 in cooperation with other teams in PDO, has conducted many RD project with local academia ,such as biogas from food waste, biodiesel from seed palm tree and generation of bio-fuel from algae, in order to explore reuse and recycling opportunities.

Production Water (PW) volumes continue to increase as PDO operates in mature oil fields with high water cuts. Currently, the PW generated is in the range of 10 barrels of water per each barrel of oil produced. Thus, the disposal of PW continues to be a major source of energy consumption and carbon emission within PDO.

In recent years, several measures have been implemented to reduce Deep Water Disposal (DWD) such as expansion of Nimr wetland, reuse of PW for various injection activities and limited reuse of PW for drilling bottom sections. Successful assessments have also been conducted, in collaboration with SQU, to reuse PW for block making; similarly, improvement of water management within assets has been a focus area through development of integrated strategies and action plans.