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Technical Expertise

PDO has teams and processes in place to ensure that all our facilities are well designed, well operated and well maintained to run safely and that our people, contractors, neighbours and environment are protected.
The latest technology is being deployed to discover new reservoirs, improve recovery from unconventional fields, reduce energy consumption and increase collaboration.

PDO is a world leader in enhanced oil recovery and this is expected to account for a third of its production by 2023. In 2015, with its partner GlassPoint Solar, PDO unveiled plans for the largest solar energy plant in the world in terms of peak production. Miraah (meaning mirror in Arabic) at Amal in southern Oman will harness the sun's rays to produce steam for thermal EOR and save 5.6 trillion British Thermal Units of natural gas each year.

Technology also underpins PDOs approach to sustainable production at its multi award-winning Nimr Reeds Bed project, also in southern Oman, where PDO and its partner Bauer Nimr LLC are treating thousands of barrels of produced water a day at a fraction of the cost and energy intensity of deep water disposal by using reeds to naturally absorb oil and other contaminants.​​​​​​

Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR)

​​PDO is a global leader in the field of Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) and its success is critical to delivering the Company’s current and future production.

Nimr Reed Beds

This project is now widely acknowledged as one of the most innovative environmentally friendly schemes in the world’s oil and gas sector and has won multiple awards.

Miraah Solar Project

PDO, in conjunction with GlassPoint Solar, is building the largest solar plant in the world in terms of peak energy production. Miraah (Arabic for mirror) will be a 1,021 megawatt solar thermal facility in South Oman, harnessing the sun’s rays to produce steam.


Health, Safety and the Environment (HSE) - effective management of the health, safety and welfare of our workforce and the protection of Oman’s environment – is an overarching priority for PDO.


PDO is a technological pioneer. Its innovative approach means it is committed to embracing new ways of thinking and working. At any one time, PDO is testing, reviewing and piloting over 70 technologies but the success criterion is less about technology development, and more about proficient technology deployment.