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PDO launched a new energy management drive which will centralise communication for all strategic energy and environmental campaigns within the Company. 

Estidama (Sustainability) is dedicated to building a positive culture on energy management and environment across Oman by focusing on six main pillars that fall under three main categories:

1. Renewable energy & people
2. Energy efficiency & environment
3. Energy saving & economy
Renewable Energy
The first element in Estidama refers to the power of the sun and people. The yellow circle represents the glowing sun and its energy potential, while at the same time circles are also a symbol of people and creativity.
The more we use renewable energy products, the more chance people have  to save for the future.
Energy Efficiency

The second element is the triangle a symbol of efficiency and environment. The shape of the triangle refers to the maximum output of energy with the least input provided.

At the same time the triangle is a symbol of a tree, a vivid illustration of the environment. By becoming more efficient we also help reduce energy consumption which in turn helps us conserve the environment by reducing the impact of waste.
Energy Saving

 The third and final element is the rectangle, a symbol of energy saving. The less energy we consume within a given space, the more we contribute positively to the economy and the environment.