Emdad and National Objectives​
EMDAD Role in Omanization

PDO’s EMDAD Department has been working closely alongside the Ministry of Labour (MOL) and PDO contractors to reduce the number of jobseekers in the Sultanate through direct hire , redeployment and transferability, and through training for employment and on job training programs.

The aim of the National Objectives Department is to add value to the Omani workforce in the oil and gas industry and beyond. PDO’s objective in training and funding these young Omanis is to develop a local workforce by training and education in various vocational trades such as electrical technicians, mechanical technicians and welders.

Purpose of Training

The fundamental mission of the team is to:"Deliver value to the Nation by maximising the employment of skilled Omanis with PDO contractors and across the wider oil and gas sector; and change the game on Omanisation, demonstrate what is really possible and drive the industry to achieve and sustain step changes in results."

Contractors “pledge” to employ a number of Omanis based on their Omanisation requirements – their commitment reflects the number of trainees the National Objectives programme trains. Therefore, no trainee commences training without having signed a training-for-employment contract. Essentially, the purpose of training is to provide the private sector with skilled Omanis and in parallel work alongside private sector contractors to secure employment for registered jobseekers.

Since the establishment of National Objectives in 2011, PDO has contributed to more than 30,000 job, training and re-deployment opportunities for Omanis in its contractor community.

Goals: “To capitalize on value retained in-country , by maximizing a sustainable skilled Omani Pool for the new energy sector nation wide.

EMDAD Objectives
  • To enhance the employability of Omanis by building talents through developing skilled, Technical and professional caliber”.
  • To identify jobs opportunity creation including the diversification across the new energy sector nation wide.
  • To achieve real and sustainable manpower solutions for the surplus workforce across all sectors.
  • To achieve real and sustainable Omanisation through different value streams in Emdad
  • To contribute on new jobs identification and replication across the industry and the nation
  • To increase the Omansiation % in PDO contracting community to 70% by 2025.
EMDAD 4 Pillars and Brief Description

Direct Hire​

Setting Omanisation Targets in Contracts during the ICV strategy workshops. The Omanisation Targets are tailored for each contract and it is set for each workforce category and job titles. This provides the contractor a clear steer and plan within the contract duration on jobs to be Omanised and then report it in the M&R system to ensure compliance.


Training for employment (TFE)

The program surveys PDO contracting community to assess jobs available in various work categories, where Omanization level are low and demand is high across PDO contracting community. EMDAD and PDO CFDHs, CH and CE work to develop a training program with international accreditation to up-skill Omani job seekers and assist them in getting gainful employment. The programs are aligned with industry.

On-Job Training (OJT)

An initiative to break the gap of what have been studied and the work requirement. it also aims to provide specific certifications or licences needed at workplace. PDO cooperates with contractors to develop the program and provide the required fund during the training period. Trainees get their training at the sites of the contractor and are registered as the contractor's employee.

Redeployment and Transferability (R&T)

Redeployment: NOP team manage the move of surplus Omani staff from expired or terminated contracts and who are at risk of being layoff to other ongoing contracts with different scope within PDO.

Transferability: NOP team facilitates the transfer of Omani staff from incumbent/expired contract to a new contract with same scope of work, in compliance with Article 48 of the Omani labor law.​


  • ICV opportunities
  • CSP
  • Tawteen
  • Rakha
  • Edaad
  • TAR (Employment for Supply)