Message from Management

PDO defines In-Country Value (ICV) as the total expenditure retained in-country that benefits business development, contributes to human capability development and stimulates productivity in the Omani economy. In summary, this means products made and services provided by skilled Omanis.

PDO has always worked to expand job creation horizons by qualifying nationals for the fixed and fluctuating workforce required to serve different market demands in the energy sector. These efforts are designed to create sustainable jobs for young Omanis and enable them to build fulfilling careers, support their families and play their role in fostering the nation’s sustainable development.

Social investment is a key ICV pillar and throughout 2021, we made a number of commitments to work with, and invest in, local communities to empower residents to improve their lives.

During 2021, PDO have dedicated tremendous efforts to increase In-Country Value. It collaborated with key stakeholders to deliver training, educational and employment programmes to Omanis, investing in infrastructure such as rehabilitation centre and supplying hospitals with medical equipments.

The success of ICV depends on close and continuous engagement with our stakeholders, including our contractors. Collaborations with contractors are built to Omanise specific positions with the required local capabilities. ICV opportunities are being realised to localise manufacturing and service provision with investing in required facilities to deliver these opportunities.​

All these achievements underline our unwavering commitment to corporate citizenship and our continuous support for government and non-government organisations, no matter how challenging the circumstances.​​