RICVA Awards

PDO ICV Awards is a corporate prestigious high-profile recognition scheme, where the Company celebrates businesses and organisations which have gone the extra mile to support Omani economic development.

​As PDO&'s Managing Director, Raoul Restucci has cha​mpioned ICV as a means of retaining more of the wealth of the oil and gas industry in Oman by establishing strong local supply chains, developing Omani skills, generating meaningful employment and supporting the communities in which we operate.

​Under his leadership the Company has worked tirelessly to embed ICV within its own business and contractor community and are leading on the implementation of 43 of the 53 business opportunities identified in the ICV Blueprint Strategy document.

Today, PDO is considered as the Sultanate's 'de facto' ICV centre of excellence. In just a few years, the Company's ICV commitment and results have exceeded targets and expectations, and PDO's ICV model and experience are being increasingly recognised globally.

The aim of naming the award after Raoul Restucci is to continue to follow his vision to inspire and highlight the very best of PDO's partners who are supporting our journey of serving the nation and retaining as much of the spend in country.

Award Objectives
  • Recognise excellent ICV contributors.
  • Motivate and encourage LCCs, SMEs and contractors to continue improving their work delivery and performance.
  • Maintain a steady ICV momentum.
Award Categories
  • Best National Objectives Employer
  • Best Performing SME
  • Best Performing LCC
  • Best Contractor/ Vendor in Social Investment Projects
  • Best Contractor/Vendor in ICV Delivery (Against Their ICV Plan)
  • Best Local Manufacturing Facility
Who should apply?
  • Contractors, vendors, SMEs and LCCs that are registered with PDO can nominate themselves for RICVA.
  • Contractors/vendors can also nominate SMEs/ LCCs that have a subcontract relationship with them.​
The First Round of RICVA Winners​

The Raoul Restucci In-Country Value Awards (RICVA) for 2019-2020 were announced in 5 categories during the ICV day ceremony on the 8th of March 2022 . The winners were as follows: Arabian Industries Clad LLC in Best Local Manufacturing Facility, Al Shawamikh Oil Services SAOC in Best National Objectives Employer, Al Baraka Oilfield Services in Best Contractor in ICV Delivery, Al Ghalbi International in Best Performing LCC, and Rihal - Data Migration and Services in Best Performing SME.