Goods & Services​

PDO has pioneered new common oil and gas industry standards for ICV requirements in contracting and procurement​, aiming to:

  • Maximise employment of Omanis and placements on vocational/professional training, making these opportunities attractive to Omani graduates and technical school leavers (Oman and overseas)
  • Maximise expenditure on goods and services by Omanis in Oman
  • Maximise and develop locally produced materials, products and equipment that
    • Maximise value-add in Oman
    • Introduce new technologies
    • Grow Oman’s export industries
  • Develop world class domestic capability in vocational/professional education and training institutions, matched to ‘real’ industry opportunities
  • (Within tender evaluation) Reward contractors who commit to Oman, in both short-term (contract execution) and in the longer term.

The Company has broadened its support of domestic businesses through a variety of initiatives, including technical assistance, ring-fencing the supply of locally manufactured/provided goods and services, the establishment of Omani repair facilities, in-country engineering services and a variety of new in-country manufacturing facilities.

Internally, PDO has also launched a network of 15 focal points to help embed ICV across the business. Team members are the first point of contact for ICV advice in their directorates, lead ICV evaluations in tendering and promote ICV achievements across the Company.

e-Tendering System on Contract Management System

e-Tendering is a platform managed by Business Gateways (BGI) to enable oil and gas contractors to perform interbedding process with subcontractors online as mandated by Ministry of Energy and Minerals.

PDO is one of the supporters for the e-Tendering System and it is an integral process to ensure all subcontractors are having fair and transparent competition for business opportunities. The system supports Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), Local Community Contractors (LCCs) and other local supplier communities.

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