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Qarn Alam Hyper-Saline Project

Treatment of Hyper-Saline Water to Boiler Feed Water specification at Qarn Alam

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Dear Investors,

The Qarn Alam field is a highly fractured carbonate field located in North Oman. The main oil bearing reservoir is the Shuaiba/Kharaib formation, which carries a Stock Oil Initially In Place (STOIIP) of approximately one billion barrels of heavy oil (16 API). The Qarn Alam steam project came on-stream in late 2011 and aims to enhance the GOGD (gas-oil-gravity-drainage) process by reservoir heating through steam injection and the associated reduction in oil viscosity.  The novel development concept is effective due to the extensive fracture network distributing the steam/reservoir heating and enabling matrix oil to replenish the drainable oil rim.

The development incorporates large-scale water supply, raw water treatment, steam generation, steam injection, produced fluid processing, waste water disposal and highly extensive reservoir monitoring.  The Qarn Alam steam project is an integral part of Petroleum Development Oman’s enhanced oil recovery portfolio and is the world’s largest scale development of this nature.  Over the coming years steam injection is expected to rise to over 14,000 t/d, oil production to over 25,000 bbls/d and the thermal process is expected to significantly raise the field’s ultimate recovery.

The steam is generated using treated brackish water from the local aquifer. Currently 45,000 m³/day of brackish water is abstracted from the aquifer and treated via reverse osmosis (RO) to achieve boiler feed water (BFW) quality water. Only 45% of the brackish feed water is recovered as BFW quality, the rest is disposed via shallow and deep water disposal.  Currently 25,000 m³/day  of hyper saline produced water (salinity: 150,000 mg/l) is disposed through deep water disposal (DWD) wells.

PDO is seeking a technology provider who can work with us to treat the produced water to BFW quality. This is in line with the PDO water management strategy of reduce, reuse and relocate.

This new project will save aquifer water for future use, as Oman lacks inland fresh water /potable water which is a valuable resource, (as well as near potable water which is also valuable). It will also minimise deep water disposal and will ensure a regular and reliable supply of steam to support oil production.

The PDO strategy for this project is based on a 20-year contract (with a 5-year extension option) to be awarded on a Design, Build, Own, Operate and Transfer (DBOOT) basis.The contractor will be responsible for the following:

  • Engineering, procurement, and construction of the water treatment facility, including all necessary interconnecting piping, valves, supports, and instrumentation;
  • Water storage tanks, transfer pumps, and metering at the PDO inlet/outlet, including water quality verification facilities;
  • Site preparation and all necessary utilities to operate the facility; and
  • Treatment, handling of all types of waste to hand over to PDO at PDO-required specifications.

PDO guarantees to provide the contractor with approximately 25,000 m³/day of produced water.The contractor will be compensated based on its actual recovery of treated water. In-turn the bidders will be required to guarantee a minimum yield of BFW, as part of this tendering process, which would then be part of the subsequent contract.

Boiler Feed Water Tank Specification
Analysis Required
Total Hardness

The sourcing exercise shall work in the following sequence:

The Tender documents are available to download from the PDO Public Tender website ( are advised to go through the tender documents in detail and comply with the instruction set forth therein.

To gain limited access to the tender, you are kindly requested to:

1.      Access the website -
2.      Click on “Public Tender Logon”
3.      Click on the ‘RFx and Tenders’ tab
4.      Under Active Queries, select 'All’
5.      Click on “C3100000031-Treatment of HyperSaline Water”


For more information, you are kindly requested to contact our Qarn Alam Hyper Saline Project Team in the email given below:​​​​​