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Invitation for Flare Gas to Power Technologies & Solutions

Dear Interested Parties,

PDO, the foremost Exploration and Production Company in the Sultanate of Oman, is seeking proven, technically and economically feasible solutions to convert the gas it flares to power. With this purpose in mind, PDO is inviting parties to participate in providing solutions of Gas-to-Power technology.

Framing the demand:

PDO operations flare vast amounts of gas from 60+ flares. By 2030, PDO aims to reduce gas flaring by upto 75%. Drivers for this change include commitment towards gas conservation, zero routine flaring and reductions in greenhouse gas emissions in compliance with Paris Agreement. PDO would hence require engaging technology providers to propose and implement solutions to minimize the gas flared.

The flares within the PDO concession area are divided into five categories:

  1. Sweet Flares (upto 200ppm H2S) in the northern concession area;

  2. Sweet Flares (upto 200ppm H2S) in the southern concession area;

  3. Sour Flares (200ppm to 6,000ppm H2S) in the north concession area;

  4. Sour Flares (200ppm to 6,000ppm H2S) in the south concession area;

  5. Highly sour flares (6,000ppm to 300,000ppm H2S) in Greater Birba area;

Scope of Services required:

In summary, the selected Contractor(s) shall be required to provide the following services to PDO:

  1. Design of the gas to power facilities at flare locations;

  2. Off-take of flare gas as per interface specifications;

  3. Provision of equipment and associated facilities to convert gas to power;

  4. Supply of power to PDO as per interface specifications;

  5. Operations and Maintenance of gas-to-power facilities;

Further details on the exact Scope of Services required from selected Contractor(s), gas volumes to be provided and other interface requirements shall be provided to select Tenderers under detailed Invitation to Tender Documents.

Participation process:

The interested parties (Tenderers) are requested to access the RFx in PDO Public Tender website. (

In order to participate in the tendering process, Tenderers require answering a set of Questions under the RFx. The questions are designed to record the ability of the Tenderers in delivering the Scope of Services to PDO.

Interested parties are therefore requested to provide accurate responses. Failure to demonstrate evidence for the same shall lead to their disqualification from the tendering process.

The deadline for expressing your interest by answering the Screening Questions in Rabitah is 10/03/2018.

If you are not registered on PDO Supplier Relationship Management System (RABiTAH), please follow the below steps:

  1. Access the website -

  2. Click on “Register Here”

  3. Fill in the required data in “Supplier Self-Registration” form. System will throw an error if any of the mandatory fields are not filled.

  4. Click Send once all the details are filled.

  5. The system will then send you a confirmation of such registration, the user id and the password for Rabitah.

Once you are registered onto Rabitah, to gain limited access to the tender, you are kindly requested to:

  1. Login to Rabitah portal using your user Id and password

  2. Click on the ‘RFx and Tenders’ tab.

  3. Under Active Queries, select 'All’

  4. Click on “C3100000081- Flare Gas Monetization”

To access the vendor training manual, registered vendors need to:

  1. Click “Policy Document Store” tab at top left corner

  2. Click on “Training Documents” button on the left

  3. The default view on right is Items 1 – 15. Access Items 16-29 to find the document “RABiTAH Vendor Training Manual”

The same is also attached herewith:

RABiTAH Vendor Training Manual Supplier LifeCycle (SLC) Management

Tender Documents:

The Tender documents shall be made available from PDO onto the Rabitah SRM via a separate RFx for Tenderers who are able to demonstrate ability to meet PDO requirements.

Contact Details:

For any issues with the Rabitah SRM System please find the below contact details:

Email ID:

Telephone: +96824671111 and reach SAP Helpdesk on ext #2. 

For information specifically regarding the project, you are kindly requested to contact our Gas Flare Monetization team project in the email given below: