Q & A


      · Why has PDO-Services (PDO-S) been formed and what role will it play?
      PDO has great in-house capacity and capability that can add value beyond its operating concession area. It has world-class setup, infrastructure and resources that can be capitalised on to maximise value to PDO shareholders and Oman at large. Therefore, PDO established PDO-S as a vehicle to transfer and create value from PDO’s competitive edge.
      · Who owns PDO-S and how it is managed?
      PDO-S is owned by PDO (99.99%) and Energy Development Oman – EDO (0.01%). PDO will manage PDO-S as a subsidiary company providing the required fund and support.
      · Will PDO-S compete with local Omani SMEs?
      No, PDO-S aims to complement local SMEs and bridge the gap in their capabilities.
      · Who are the primary target clients for PDO-S?
      Oil and gas operators, energy sector (especially green energy) companies and authorities, and government and corporate organisations seeking project management services.